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Enterprise is as much the result of necessity as marketing research. In 2005 Jamie LePage was frustrated with the level of service provided by local maid services. For years he had endured mediocre service from cleaning companies in the form of broken fixtures, cancelled appointments and poor communication. The same experiences of colleagues and friends convinced Jamie that there was a need for a cleaning service in Toronto dedicated to providing excellence in both cleaning and customer service. Using their own capital Jamie and his wife Judi decided to start a residential cleaning company to service Toronto’s booming housing market.

Several months later, Jamie asked his brother Dale to join the company. With Dale aboard the team decided to incorporate the latest technology and marketing innovations into this rather conservative industry. Judi designed marketing campaigns that targeted areas of the city likely to require housecleaning services. The traditional Yellow Page advertisement was augmented by hi-tech innovations such as a corporate web site, e-mail and advertisements in the Red Book directory. The main objective behind this information friendly marketing was to attract the new cadre of affluent professionals as well as maintaining traditional cleaning service customers.

The Company believed that success in the cleaning service depended on its ability to manage the business in real time. Growth was predicated on the company’s ability to identify and react promptly to customer service concerns. A large investment was made to computerize scheduling and payroll functions and create a client database. The database was created to capitalize on Toronto’s changing demographic trends that spurred growth. Finally, each Cleaning Associate was provided with the necessary tools to facilitate client service and ongoing communications with the office.

The most obvious deficiency identified in a study of the cleaning business was the attention paid to formal associate training. Utilizing Dale’s extensive human resources background, the Company developed a structured, hands-on orientation and training program for all new hires. The training sessions included interpersonal skills, cleaning techniques and standards as well as a review of company policies. The result was a highly motivated and competent group of employees who were prepared to meet the exacting standards of a business devoted to providing only first-rate customer service.

Classic Maids is passionate about providing excellence in all aspects of its business. We believe that success in the service industry depends upon our ability to offer the “ultimate cleaning experience” to all of our clients.